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Vets Hall

Chico Veterans Memorial Hall

A Look Inside the Vets Hall

The Museum of Northern California Art (monca) is housed in the historical Veterans Memorial Hall in Chico. Its lease was approved by the Butte County Board of Supervisors in 2011.

The Veterans Memorial Hall was built in 1927 on the site of what had been John Bidwell’s hay warehouse in the 1880s on the former Tehama County Road. By the 1920s, the road, now The Esplanade, was still Chico’s major northern axis. Two lots just to the south of the Chico Vecino area and opposite the high school were purchased in 1926 from Mrs. Theresa Purdue for $2,500 by the County Board of Supervisors. A prominent Chico architectural firm of the 1920s, Cole & Brouchaud, was chosen to design the building. Their knowledge of the appropriate interpretation of classic elements is seen in this building as well as in several on the CSU, Chico campus (in early Christian-Byzantine Revival styles). The Veterans Hall has remained an integral part of the Chico community since its dedication on Veterans Day 1927

This grand building sits on the Esplanade near other museums in the community and is a fitting home for monca’s permanent collection and bimonthly art exhibitions from northern California artists.

In honor of the Vets a permanent Veterans exhibit is found in the lobby of monca and biannual exhibitions are held in the main galleries of monca.

Mon ‒ Wed: Closed
Thu ‒ Fri: 11am ‒ 5pm
Sat ‒ Sun: 11am ‒ 5pm

Adults: $30/year
Seniors: $25/year
Dual/Family: $50/year
NARM: $100/year
Corporate: $750/year

900 Esplanade, Chico, CA, 95926