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My Cabinet of Curiosities by Norma Lyon

May 18 2024 - May 18 2024

My Cabinet of Curiosities by Norma Lyon

  • May 18 2024 - May 18 2024


The Museum of Northern California Art (monca) is thrilled to announce an upcoming dual exhibition featuring “My Cabinet of Curiosities” by Norma Lyon and “The Playful Spirit,” a juried exhibition showcasing Northern California artists.


Both exhibitions will run July 11-September 1, 2024.


My Cabinet of Curiosities by Norma Lyon


Norma Lyon’s “My Cabinet of Curiosities” is a delightful exploration into the world of found objects transformed into whimsical and evocative sculptures. Norma’s artistic process begins with her collection of intriguing items—rusty metal, small bones, old books—that inspire her creations. Her unique technique of combining wooden or metal elements with papier-mâché allows her to craft forms that evolve into playful and poignant characters, often blending human and animal traits.


Artist’s Statement:


“I am a collector of interesting objects, bits and pieces of things that once had a history of their own: rusty metal, small bones, old books. My studio is full of stuff I’ve gleaned; objects of all sorts seem to insist on coming home with me. It is the objects that trigger the start of a new sculpture. Usually, these days, I put together wooden or metal things that suggest feet or legs. At that point I often begin using papier-mâché to build up the form. Discovering papier-mâché through teacher Sadie Card was a huge boon for my building process. It’s amazingly versatile, strong, and requires no fancy equipment or supplies. It gives me the opportunity to use some of the great papers and books I’ve collected on the outer layer, and it works well with found objects! I generally start at the bottom and work up, and I don’t really know who these new creatures are going to be until I see their faces. The figures can be human or animal or a mix of both. I feel a lot of affection for animals and can easily see us humans in them and vice versa; it can be quite amusing and poignant.”


About Norma Lyon:


Norma holds an MFA in Spatial Arts from San Jose State University and has taught ceramics at Foothill Community College in Los Altos Hills and the Palo Alto Art Center for thirty years. She and her husband moved to Chico sixteen years ago to be closer to family and have enjoyed the vibrant community ever since.

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