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Safe Haven June 10-July 25, 2021

Jun 3 2021 - Jun 3 2021

Safe Haven June 10-July 25, 2021

  • Jun 3 2021 - Jun 3 2021


Featured image by Michael Kenneth Depue


Safe Haven, monca’s exhibition, featured artists’ sense and experience of a safe space; thoughts on addressing the complex social issues of homelessness; observations that may be tinted by compassion, confusion or personal involvement. This exploration of “home” is conveyed by what makes us feel secure, as well as encompassing the complex social issues of homelessness and feeling unsafe.

Safe Haven turned out to be an emotional topic which produced images of immigration, dislocation, a search for belonging, culture shock, detention centers, images of war and the validation that comes with a stamped passport.  These themes are so beautifully expressed in the works of Tali Grinshpan – Sanctuary, Pearl Kruss – Girl with Doll, and Pallavi Sharma – 3 in Line.

The themes of homelessness and racial inequality are taken up by artists Nimisha Doongarwal through her layered collage portraits, Mike Depue and his photo of a woman on the branch of a dead tree, and Elvira Dayel and her figurative artworks such as the homeless man with coins flowing into his cup.

Susan Fuller captures memories and emotions through her unique colorful glass work, and Pennie Baxter directs the narrative that runs through our mind when looking at a photograph by layering and stacking images.

The artists participating in this exhibition include:

Tali Grinshpan     Gregory Vernitsky     Mike Depue     Judith Johnson     Pennie Baxter     Pearl L Kruss

Ruth Hall     Elana Needles     Susan Fuller     Nelson Wheeler     Judy Kane     Karen Warwick

Elvira Dayel     Tyler Gray     Dana Mano-Flank     Kevin Campbell    Michelle JY Park

Nimisha Doongarwal     Erin Wells     Pallavi Sharma     Diego Marcial Rios

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