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Grayscale Universe

Jan 24 2023 - Jan 24 2023

Grayscale Universe

  • Jan 24 2023 - Jan 24 2023


Featured Image: Artist Shari Hopper – Iceland – photo

Current exhibition –

GRAYSCALE UNIVERSE! Featuring artwork where black and white, shades of gray, and/or silver are the only colors of the work.
Exhibition dates: December 8, 2022 – January 22, 2023
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Exhibiting Artists: 
Carolyn Ayres, Chico

Richard Baldy, Chico

Jamie Candiff, Chico

Roy L. Carter, Chico

Rosario Clerici-Green, Chico

Tyler Davis, Chico

Michael Kenneth Depue, Oakhurst

Dan Evans, Chico

Mertes Figge, Chico

Ben Fish, Chico

Susan Fuller, Chico

Eleonora Fürst, Chico

Lea Gadbois, Chico

Tyler Gray, Red Bluff

Ruth Hall, Chico

Robert Hart, Chico

Shari Maxson Hopper, Paradise

Kandis Horton-Jorth, Chico

Bill Houck, Chico

Natalie Jenkins, Chico

Marlis Jermutus, Weed

Judy Kane, Chico

Nick Knezic, Chico

Cassandra Leedy, Chico

Arthur W. Lemner, Chico

Kent Loeffler, Chico

Stephanie Luke, Cottonwood

Carolyn McLeod, Chico

Lauren Meichtry, Chico

Gary Mele, Roseville

Edmer Montes, Chico

Tim B. Moore, Chico

Nelson+Dynan, Corning 

Kelly Noble, Chico

Cori Ong, Chico

Harleen Osburn, Yuba City

Melissa Ottem, Oroville

Valerie Payne, Chico

Danny Peralta, Chico

William Peterson, Chico

Reta Rickmers, Chico

Wo Schiffman, Tiburon

Gretchen Schnabel, Palo Cedro

Lori Stevens, Chico

Travis Taylor, Chico

Rick Vertolli, Chico

erin wells, Chico

Noga Wizansky, Nevada City

Mon ‒ Wed: Closed
Thu ‒ Fri: 11am ‒ 5pm
Sat ‒ Sun: 11am ‒ 5pm

Adults: $30/year
Seniors: $25/year
Dual/Family: $50/year
NARM: $100/year
Corporate: $750/year

900 Esplanade, Chico, CA, 95926