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Collage: Deconstruct/Reconstruct

Jul 10 2023 - Jul 10 2023

Collage: Deconstruct/Reconstruct

  • Jul 10 2023 - Jul 10 2023


Featured Image: Live The Best Stories by Janet Lombardi-Blixt

Past Exhibition –

The past exhibition at monca is Collage: Deconstruct/Reconstruct featured almost 60 Northern California artists and their original collage artwork, both 2D and 3D.

Exhibition Dates: May 18 – July 9, 2023

The visual art of collage allows for the exploration of different textures, colors, patterns, and forms, often resulting in a dynamic and visually stimulating final piece. It can be used to convey narratives, explore abstract concepts, or simply create visually striking compositions by juxtaposing diverse elements together.

In the art of creating a collage, the artist makes the choices, creates the atmosphere, and poses the questions. It’s up to us, as the viewers, to interpret and appreciate the process and the outcomes.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 19, from 6 pm – 8 pm.

Exhibition Artists:

Michael Acker, Boyes Hot Springs

Rokee Ajaw,  Chico

Matt Auvinen, Chico

Richard Baldy, Chico

Marsha Balian, Oakland

Fern Tompkins Benson, Chico

Janet Lombardi Blixt, Chico

Shelby Bonilla, South San Francisco

Gitta Brewster, Chico

Ann Brinkley, Sacramento

Tom Calderon, Chico

Sabrina Chavez, Chico

Lauren Davies, Chico

Lynnette Diem, Sacramento

Lori Escobar, Chico

Peter Foley, South San Francisco

Marie Fox, Chico

Eleanora Fürst, Chico

Marino Garbis, Chico

Joan Goodreau, Chico

Sarah McCarthy Grimm, San Francisco

Saira Grube, Concord

Lissa Herschleb, San Rafael

Katie Hoffman, Paradise

Elyse Scarlett Huavi, Chico

Aaron Johnson, Orangevale

Paula Kaplan, Chico

Pat Koszis, Chico

Julia LaChica, Oakland

Nicolai Larsen, Chico

Kellie Marie S. Lavin, Chico

Monica Lee, San Francisco

Tanya Lieberman, Davis

Norma Lyon, Chico

Brandon McKie, Chico

Tim B. Moore, Chico

Patty Moriarty, Chico

Elana Needles, Oroville

Harleen Osburn, Yuba City

Priscilla Otani, San Francisco

Melissa Ottem, Oroville

William Peterson, Chico

Patricia Pintner, Richmond

Richard Robinson, Chico

Kate Rogers, Sonoma

Julianna Rose, Berry Creek

Rose Shulman, Grass Valley

Kim Smith, San Francisco

Whitney Still, Sutter

Jane Swan, Chico

David Turner, Orland

George Unpingco, Yuba City

Debbie Vermette, Chico

Stephen C. Wagner, Oakland

Kerri Warner, Plumas Lake

Nelson Wheeler, Oroville

Richard Whitehead, Chico

Tanya Wilkinson, San Francisco

Chris Yates, Cohasset

Mon ‒ Wed: Closed
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Sat ‒ Sun: 11am ‒ 5pm

Adults: $30/year
Seniors: $25/year
Dual/Family: $50/year
NARM: $100/year
Corporate: $750/year

900 Esplanade, Chico, CA, 95926