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Maria Alquilar

Maria Alquilar

Permanent Collection

The Maria Alquilar Acquisition is part of the permanent collection at monca, the Museum of Northern California Art.

Maria Alquilar Acquisition

Consistent throughout in form and content, each artwork in Alquilar’s oeuvre is part of a whole: an American woman’s book of illuminated fables for the turn of the millennium and the beginning of our global era. ~Elaine O’Brien Ph.D.

Alquilar’s artwork is teeming with colorful characters, iconography and stories. Richly detailed scenes of extraordinary visions merge with pancultural elements from myths, legends, mysticism, religion and history to express, in the artist’s words, “our perception of the eternal mysteries that may lead us to salvation and enlightenment.”

Alquilar’s work is owned by private collectors and corporations, museums and federal and city entities including: The Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC; US Department of the Interior Museum Collection; Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento; Nelson Gallery, UC Davis; Dante Museum and Museo Civico, Italy and Galería La Mano Magica, Mexico.

And the Museum of Northern California Art (monca) in Chico, CA.

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